Best Nautilus Skin – All Skins Reviewed

Nautilus is one of the most popular supports in League of Legends. He offers a lot of crowd control to his team and also has a reliable engage. People that don’t like following the meta pick him on the mid and top lane as well.

The titan of the depths is not your everyday champion. He roams the dark waters and saves the wretched and drags the greedy to their demise. How does he do that one might wonder. Well, if you ever saw how Nautilus looks like, you would have surely noticed his enormous anchor. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Here’s the list of the best Nautilus skins in the game.

8. Abyssal Nautilus

Abyssal Nautilus

At number 8, we have Abyssal Nautilus. He is a true diver of the below. His suit is gray with golden details all over it. Even his anchor is gold. But that’s not all. He carries an oxygen bag on his back. Some of the other details include an underwater flashlight.

But that’s pretty much it. Cost-wise, it’s very expensive compared to what perks it brings. It costs 975 RP so you should stay away from it!

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7. Subterranean Nautilus

Subterranean Nautilus

It was a tough decision whether to put Subterranean Nautilus at 8 or 7, but its uniqueness ultimately prevailed. He lays deep within the Earth as opposed to the water. Frankly, this skin is terrible.

There are no updated animations or sound effects. Although, he does look completely different. The majority of the model is made out of square parts. Due to that, he reminds me a lot of robot champions. His suit’s colors are old and his face is absolutely scary. 

Subterranean Nautilus costs 975 RP. The only instance in which I would recommend it is if you like the idea of it since the delivery definitely failed.

6. Worldbreaker Nautilus

Worldbreaker Nautilus

The big giant is the first of the four titans who are prophesied to destroy the world as we know it. The myths say that he will rise when the moon hides the sun and his tide will wash away all of mankind. Spooky!

Worldbreaker Nautilus is priced at 750 RP. In the official splash art, he is accompanied by another titan, Brand. 

After loading in the game for the first time with this skin I instantly noticed something unusual. Nautilus looks much smaller compared to his other skins! Oh, the irony. He has golden armor with dark blue details indicating that a mystical power resides within him. 

5. Warden Nautilus – Best Budget Skin

Warden Nautilus

After bounding his soul to an ancient suit of armor, Nautilus became a Warden. He shares the splash art with Sivir and can be seen in the background of the image. 

His armor is gray with fine blue and yellow details. This armor is extremely rare so I think it’s safe to assume those details are made of precious materials such as gold.

There are no clanky parts and the skin feels very smooth. Furthermore, it costs merely 750 RP and is Nautilus’s cheapest skin. If you are on a tight budget, this skin is definitely for you!

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4. Conqueror Nautilus

Conqueror Nautilus

At number 4, we have Conqueror Nautilus. Conqueror skin line is reserved for the champions that dominate the professional play during the Spring Split, and most importantly, Mid Season Invitationals.

Nautilus was honored with this skin after the 2020 MSI. In addition to that, it is a legacy skin that is currently unavailable in the shop.

Yellow is the most dominant color on the skin, supported by the red details on his body and the anchor. Secondly, his suit is purple but it doesn’t stand out much due to all of the small details. There are also some very cool animations! After striking an enemy with an auto-attack and applying his passive, they are stuck between rocks. During his W, Titan’s Wrath, the MSI logo circles around him. It can also be seen beneath a person that he uses his ultimate on.

3. Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus – Best Animations

Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus

With nothing but anger on his mind, Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus is ready to take on any opponent. His rivers don’t run with water anymore, but are filled with molten lava. This spectacular skin costs 1350 RP and has several awesome features. First and foremost, there is a voice filter making him sound different. In addition to that, there are new animations and many chromas.

In this skin, Nautilus doesn’t have a suit. Instead, he’s made out of rocks. You can even see the lava flowing within him and through his anchor. His spells are very detailed, but the one that stands out the most to me is his ultimate ability, Depth Charge. A dragon shows under a champion that he targets. How awesome is that!?

2. Fright Night Nautilus

If by any chance you weren’t scared by a giant submarine/human, this new Nautilus skin will make you tremble. It’s a part of the Fright Nigth theme. It’s a special skin line that commemorated Halloween in the League universe in 2022.

In this skin, Nautilus is a spooky scary Butler. The color of his skin is white, while his coat is purple on the inside, and black on the outside. It looks very pleasing aesthetically and is definitely his most beautiful skin.

During the recall animation, he feeds an angry fireplace. What an odd sentence to write down. I promise it looks way cooler than it sounds. While his W, Titan’s Wrath, is active, small spooky emoticons circle around him.

Another noteworthy change is to his hook. Several candles are burning inside it. Visual animations are also followed with some new sound effects that bring this skin a whopping 9/10 score. The only flaw it has is the fact it’s simply not an AstroNautilus.

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1.AstroNautilus – Best Overall


And finally, it’s time for the best Nautilus skin. It’s undeniably AstroNautilus. AstroNautilus costs 1350 RP and is a skin that every Nautilus lover should have. And here’s why.

He wears a spacesuit and can even be seen in the space on his splash art. There he is accompanied by Teemo who makes a brief appearance in the background.

In-game, he is huge. On top of that, he has many cool animations. The best one is certainly his walking animation. To follow the theme of the skin, his usual walk is replaced by small jumps imitating the astronaut’s walk-in space. Players can see asteroids and planets circling him while his W is active. In addition to that, Riptide is detailed by cosmic dust.


Only 3 of Nautilus’s skins have any changes to their animation so this list is very top-heavy. The bad skins are primarily separated by their price, and there is no better skin for less than 750 RP than Warden Nautilus.

If you are a big fan of cool and flashy animations, then Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus is for you. But, if you want to buy the most complete and the best Nautilus skin, then AstroNautilus is the skin you should get.