Best Varus Skin

Varus is one of the most traditional ad carries in the game. He was released a very long time ago before champions started having multiple dashes and being very complex. Instead, he uses a bow and arrow to hunt down his opponents. His kit is very simple, making him an attractive champion to newcomers.

Unlike most other champions, almost all Varus’s skins are available to purchase. He has merely 2 legacy skins that are available only sometimes and can be obtained through Loot. Due to that, we didn’t include them in our rankings but instead focused on the available ones. We looked at each of them separately and ranked them from worst to best. Without further ado, here are the best Varus skins.

8. Blight Crystal Varus

Blight Crystal Varus

We start our list with his oldest skin. Blight Crystal only changes Varus’s appearance. But that can’t be understated. Classic Varus is extremely bland and boring, so any change to that is a welcome one. His bow becomes orange, and his eyes blue. There are also some small sound effect changes compared to the classic skin.

7. Varus Swiftbolt – Best Budget Skin

Varus Swiftbolt

For the price of 750 RP, you can make Varus look different in this Swiftbolt version. There are no new animations or sound effects. He wears a purple coat and is quite distinctive. His face can’t be seen adding more questions to an already mysterious character. In the splash art, he takes a minor role and can be seen sitting on the right side.

6. Arctic Ops Varus

Arctic Ops Varus

Placed in a winter environment, Varus brings a hail of arrows onto his opponents and freezing the ground beneath them. He wears a blue and gray outfit that works as camouflage. Being a soldier is the primary focus of the skin. His W, Blighted Quiver appears like grenades circling enemies it’s applied onto. Furthermore, on the place his E lands it shows the ground frozen. Perhaps, the best part of the skin is its recall animation. He uses skyhook to return to the base.

5. Arclight Varus

Arclight Varus

This is Varus’s smoothest skin in the game. Even though it’s old, it’s rather unique in that aspect. He uses the energy of Arclight to fight his enemies. He wears white clothes with many golden or yellow details. Throughout the skin, yellow is the primary color being used in his animations and effects. While it may not look attractive, if you’re looking for a skin that will perform the best this is the one for you. On top of that, there is a voice filter and new sound effects.

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4. Infernal Varus

Infernal Varus

Infernal Varus is simply Blight Crystal on steroids. He uses lava to fight his enemies and that can be seen by his appearance. He’s red and fire flows through his body. When using his abilities, they leave a tray of fire sparks. They’re also present once he hits the enemies. It costs 1350 RP but has plenty of features to deserve that price. There are new animations and sound effects. Lastly, if you ever get bored of his look, you can additionally purchase some of the chromas and feel like playing entirely new champions once again.

3. Dark Star Varus

Dark Star Varus

Roaming the galaxy Varus destroys anything that he crosses. Planets and stars get smashed like they were never even there. In the same way, you will destroy your enemies in this cool skin. For the price of 1350 RP, you get new animations on top of updated sound effects. He is a villain, and as one his appearance is full of dark colors. When trying to moving, he feels quite slow. It could be that his hitbox appears bigger and makes him feel less fluid. That’s the reason why this skin, even though it has amazing animations, is not ranked higher.

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2. Cosmic Hunter Varus

Cosmic Hunter Varus

We stay in an interstellar vibe for this one. Cosmic Hunter is the complete opposite of Dark Star Varus. He’s made in an attempt to stop his monstrous doppelganger and restore peace among the stars. As such, he’s presented in much lighter colors. Even just by looking at his splash art, we can see he stands for something positive. There are variations of blue colors that turn into purple and pink as he’s charging his Q. His E shows stars upon landing on the ground.

1. PROJECT: Varus – Best Overall


The best Varus skin is PROJECT: Varus. It’s the first time we see Varus in a modern cyber look. But he still uses Bow as his weapon. It’s very similar to something like Hawkeye where everyone has cool abilities but he’s stuck with the bow and the arrow. Nevertheless, the skin looks stunning. Varus feels very light and nimble, making his movements easier than in the other skins. During his Q animation, his bow grows bigger the more it charges. Additionally, W’s passive looks like small drones surrounding the enemies. Lastly, on his E and his ultimate ability Project symbol is shown beneath the enemies.


There are numerous good Varus skins. Still, some are better than the others and we would recommend getting PROJECT: Varus. It costs only 1350 RP and is his best skin. On the other hand, we can understand if some other skin attracted you. After all, what someone likes is purely subjective.