Best Xayah Skin – All Skins Reviewed

Deadly fighter, Xayah strikes down her enemies with clinical precision. With her unbelievable speed and razor-sharp blades, no one stands in her way. And when things get messy, her lover Rakan is always around looking after her.

The lovers’ duo is extremely popular and often played together. Even though they always come together, this time we focused on Xayah. More importantly, we reviewed all of her skins in great depth. Here’s the list of best Xayah skins in League of Legends. 

6. Cosmic Dusk Xayah

Cosmic Dusk Xayah

Locked in the endless dance between the stars with Rakan, Xayah doesn’t care much about anything else. She is full of small details like golden claws and feet. Even her cloak got updated. It’s dark blue and shows planets moving through it. Her feathers are blue and leave tiny stars around the target regardless of the spell. 

Cosmic Dusk was Xayah’s first skin, and it could have definitely been done better. That’s why its price tag of 1350 RP makes no sense. It’s overpriced and there are much better alternatives.

5. Sweetheart Xayah

Sweetheart Xayah

What better way is there to celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one than loading onto the Summoner’s Rift dressed as a couple. Of course, Rakan and Xayah are together through the majority of their skins, but this one is certainly special.

Xayah’s feathers are shaped like hearts. Her auto attacks and spells are made out of the romantic pink color. When she activates her W, an aura appears around here making her shine. 

Sweetheart Xayah costs 1350 RP. It doesn’t really impress me enough to warrant a higher spot on my Xayah skin tier list. It lacks the wow factor, and if there is no Rakan in the game, skin is certainly underwhelming.

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4. SSG Xayah

SSG Xayah

Even winning the World Championship title couldn’t separate these two love birds. In 2017, winners of the most prestigious League of Legends tournament, SSG chose Xayah and Rakan to illustrate them in the game. They were picked by Ruler and CoreJJ respectively.

As far as eSports skins go, this skin is one of the better ones. Xayah’s cloak is blue and her hair is white. Just like Samsung Galaxy team colors. Furthermore, during the recall, you can see the team’s logo underneath here as well as Ruler’s signature. This changes a bit if she recalls with Rakan though. In that case, they hold the World Championship trophy together before flying back to the base.

Her spells are very similar to the Cosmic Dusk Xayah. They are blue and use similar particles. The only notable change is on her ultimate ability Featherstorm where the SSG logo appears.

Nevertheless, this skin is part of the League of Legends history and every viewer will love to have it in their skin collection.

3. Elderwood Xayah

Elderwood Xayah

Leading their respective dominions, Prince Rakan and Princess Xayah are deep in love. Even though their people hate each other, that could never step in between them. Riot sometimes completely misses the splash art and I think this skin is one of them. It’s overcomplicated and it’s hard to pick apart their looks. 

Shifting to in-game things, her recall is spectacular. It’s colorful and all kinds of natural features can be seen such as a butterfly. When her W spell is active there are flowers flying around her. One thing that you will surely notice with this skin is high-pitched sound effects.

For 1350 RP it’s certainly not a bad deal, although there are still some better skins.               

2. Brave Phoenix Xayah

Brave Phoenix Xayah

In 2021 for the first time ever, Xayah received a skin that didn’t include Rakan in it. It’s a welcome change and I’m curious to see what other ideas they have for this fiery warrior.

Xayah is fighting for peace and is a defender of ancient magic and relics. To help her fight off enemies that want to use this great power for evil, she was bestowed with a feather that grants her unbelievable power. 

I think that Riot did an excellent job with the splash art. She is finally in the center of attention and colors match her persona perfectly. Her feathers are orange, but you can change her general appearance by buying individual chromas.

Her spells are breathtaking The sound effects that accompany them are a cherry on the top. Once she uses Deadly Plumage you can see birds around her. Furthermore, the mystical bird Fenghuang that gave her the powers can be seen dancing with Xayah during the recall animation.

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1. Star Guardian Xayah

Star Guardian Xayah

There’s no doubt that Star Guardian Xayah is the best Xayah skin in the game. It has countless features like new animations, sound effects, a new voice over and even the ability to transform in-game. 

After falling in the war versus Zoe, she was resurrected alongside her lover Rakan. Blaming Star Guardians for letting her die, they switched sides and are causing havoc across the universe.

Before reviewing her abilities, I have to mention this skin costs more than usual. It’s priced at 1820 RP and will require you to dig deeper in your wallet. 

Her appearance is mainly pink with some blue details. The feathers she leaves on the ground shine and are star-shaped. Upon using Deadly Plumage she turns dark, into an evil Xayah and rains countless feathers at her target. But that’s not all. Once she roots an enemy black magic circles around her. And lastly, during her ultimate ability animation, she temporarily grows wings before returning to the ground.

All these spectacular features are the reason she’s on top of my Xayah skin tier list.


While there are no cheap Xayah skins, there are certainly many good ones. Star Guardian Xayah is my favorite which costs 1820 RP. If you don’t want to spend so much, then I’d definitely recommend Brave Phoenix Xayah. It’s a new skin that is reserved specifically for her and even has an amazing backstory. 

If you disagree with this list or prefer some other skin that is perfectly fine. This was made based on my subjective opinion which can vary from one person to another.