Best Twitch Skin – All Skins Ranked

Whenever talking about hyper carries in LoL Twitch’s name always comes up. The rat is one of the strongest late-game champions in the game and attracts many ad carries to play him due to that. But Twitch wouldn’t be what it is today without the influence of RATIRL, perhaps the best Twitch player ever. 

Our list consists of every Twitch skin in the game, including legacy skins as well. Here’s the list of the best Twitch skins.

10. Whistler Village Twitch

Whistler Village Twitch

At the number 10, we have a 520 RP Whistler Village skin. It was first released in 2010 and is frankly terrible. He looks white in the splash art but that resemblance cannot be seen in the game. 

Instead, his appearance is pretty much the same as the one in the base skin with some minor changes in his outfit.

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9. Kingpin Twitch

Kingpin Twitch

As Twitch has been released in 2009 and Kingpin being his first skin, it’s quite logical it’s going to be one of his worst skins. The crime boss’s fur is green and the same palette gets applied to his jacket and the crossbow as well.

8. SSW Twitch

SSW Twitch

Riot released a special skin in memory of Imp and his win in the Worlds 2014. At the tournament, Imp even managed to get a pentakill versus Team Solo Mid (TSM). 

The skin uses the team’s white and blue colors. Perhaps the best part of the skin is its recall animation. It resembles Imp rolling on the grass of the Stadium where World’s took place.

7. Ice King Twitch

Ice King Twitch

This is the first skin on our list with new animations and sound effects. In splash art, it shares many similarities to Whistler Village Twitch. He’s a ruler of the winter village, but unlike his predecessor, is white in-game. 

A snowflake appears inside his W and a rat image pops up above the enemies he applies his poison on. This is a legacy skin and costs 1350 RP.

6. Pickpocket Twitch – Best Budget Skin

Pickpocket Twitch

Before he was a boss, Twitch started small and was a thief. Together with his partner in crime Evelynn, the two caused havoc wherever they went. 

Twitch wears a black gangster coat with a fitting hat. His crossbow is replaced with a pistol that he uses to cause doom to his enemies. Although there are no changes in animations compared to his base skin, for 750 RP it’s definitely worth a look.

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5. Vandal Twitch

Vandal Twitch

If Pickpocket is a mysterious skin, then Vandal Twitch is the complete opposite. He wears badass glasses combined with an orange mohawk. In the splash art, he is seen driving a motorcycle.

Sadly, it’s available only sometimes and players have to get lucky through Loot to acquire it. Lastly, the only difference between it and the base skin is the auto attack animation. It’s harder to spot.

4. Twitch Shadowfoot

Shadowfoot Twitch

Each year Riot releases unorthodox skins for April’s Fool day. In 2020 it was Twitch’s turn. Twitch Shadowfoot is the adorable version of Twitch. But don’t worry, he’s still a thief. He carries a big bag on his back where he collects all of his loot. 

It costs 1350 RP but it has new animations and a voice filter. When you use his ultimate, Twitch’s crossbow turns purple. The poison and his W are purple as well.

3. Omega Squad Twitch

Omega Squad Twitch

The 3rd best Twitch is Omega Squad. Twitch is an army medic that has been badly affected by war. This deranging lunatic has long forgotten all about the “do no harm” and is ready to do whatever it takes. 

The skin is based on the green color just like the base skin but is much smoother. After using Spray and Pray his bullets get smoke effect. To return to the base a chopper rescues him. 

Alongside these cool animations, the skin also has multiple chromas and a voice filter.

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2. Dragonslayer Twitch

Dragonslayer Twitch

The second best skin is unlike any of the other Twitch skins. He’s not a rat anymore, but a dragon. While he’s not a true dragon yet, he’s on that path. It’s his latest skin and is priced at 1350 RP. 

Let’s start off with his appearance. He has white scales on his head with purple wings. In the splash art, we can clearly see that his head is shaped like the one of a dragon, and not a rat. 

Continuing with the animations, his poison is orange colored and has a burn effect. On the other hand, his W looks like a fire pit and with his ultimate, he sets his enemies on fire. 

1. Crime City Twitch

Crime City Twitch

Twitch is perhaps the only skin where his best skin is one of his oldest ones. In fact, Crime City Twitch was released in 2010, over a decade ago. Furthermore, it has no new animations and sound effects. You must be wondering, so what makes this skin so special that it’s the best Twitch skin?

First of all, it’s very simple. And that’s exactly what Twitch needs. He’s a simple rat after all. He wears a black striped suit with a small hat. Instead of a crossbow, he has a Thompson submachine like a proper gangster. As a side note, until 2020 this skin was called Gangster Twitch.

As Twitch is a champion that relies on his auto attacks its animation can’t be undervalued. And Crime City excels at that part. As it costs only 975 RP every Twitch player should have it in their collection.