Best Janna Skin

Janna is one of the most loved supports of all time. The wind-controlling enchanter was among the first champions to hit the rift in 2009. While she was at her most popular in season 7 during the ardent meta many players still enjoy playing her today.

In Season 10, a Janna one-trick held the top spot on the EUW ladder for a good chunk of the season. Her popularity brought her several perks like many different skins. We took a look at them and ranked them from worst to best. Some of her oldest skins are outdated and unavailable so we excluded them from our list. Here we go.

8. Frost Queen Janna

Frost Queen Janna

Starting at number 8 is Frost Queen Janna. It’s her oldest available skin. While there are no new animations on the skin, there are some new sound effects. Secondly, her outfit and hair are changed from white into blue color. The skin costs 975 RP and is the last skin you should be looking to buy for her.

7. Fnatic Janna

Fnatic Janna

The skin comes with no new animations or sound effects. But it costs only 750 RP and has a tremendous sentimental value. It celebrates Europe’s only World’s victory that came in Season 1. She wears black and yellow Fnatic colors.

Truthfully, the skin is pretty bad, but every e-Sports enthusiast should have it in their collection. As it’s a legacy skin it’s obtainable only sometimes, primarily during the World Championship.

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6. Star Guardian Janna

Star Guardian Janna

As a part of the Star Guardian team Janna mentors younger members. Her outfit consists of a variety of purple colors. The splash art is underwhelming which is the case with most of her skins. Her tornado is made out of the stars which can be seen in all of her spells.

This skin costs 1350 and can easily be paired with another Star Guardian in the bot lane combining a nice duo. Ezreal, Xayah, and Miss Fortune are just some of the ad carries that also have Star Guardian skins.

5. Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna

Back in 2013 when this skin was released it was a huge hit. But just like everything, skin development evolved. Now it’s barely a 5th best Janna skin in the game. Some of the perks it has are a new voice, animations, and sound effects. She’s a meteorologist that is always ready to fight the sky.

In her right hand, she holds a microphone and an umbrella in the left one. There are no outstanding animations. Instead, the skin’s vibe is its main selling point. Lastly, it’s quite pricey at 1820 RP. But hey, if you like it there’s no reason to not go for it.

4. Sacred Sword Janna

Divine Sword Janna

It seems that every champion has a skin in their repertoire that is a basically glorified base skin. Because that is what Sacred Sword Janna. It is extremely simple but that’s what we love about it. She wears a pink to the red dress and her staff is green.

Although it feels weird calling it a staff when it’s a sword inside a scabbard. That can be seen during the recall animation in which she takes the sword out. She also has a pet fish swimming around her which briefly disappears if Janna uses her W. Lastly, it costs 1350 RP. Overall, it’s quite a nice skin but there are better ones in that price range.

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3. Guardian of the Sands Janna

Guardian of the Sands Janna

Cracking into our top three is an ancient guardian of the sands. Ryze and Rengar keep her company in the splash art. In the game, she has golden hair and a suit worthy of a desert protector. In this skin, she’s accompanied by a blue bird.

Guardians’ logo can be seen on the shield she gives to her allies or herself. It is also present over the duration of her ultimate ability Monsoon. If you grow bored of her appearance you can mix it up using her chromas. They’re sometimes available for purchase with Blue Essence during the Blue Essence Emporium.

2. Bewitching Janna

Bewitching Janna

Janna has several legacy skins but most of them are bad. Bewitching Janna isn’t though. It’s the second best Janna skin in the game right now. The skin follows a Halloween theme where Janna is dressed as a witch. Even her staff has a pumpkin on it. The splash art is easily the best of any Janna’s skin and does a great job of capturing her personality.

Alongside new animations, she also gets a pet bat that follows her around. During the recall animation, she flies back to the base on her staff. Her W is replaced with a bat that she throws at her enemy. There are also several different chromas available to give her a refreshing look. Sadly, it’s available only sometimes act quickly if you see it in the shop.

1. Battle Queen Janna

Janna skins

When choosing the best skin we look at the overall performance. And Battle Queen Janna tops the charts. Here is what makes her the best Janna skin.

First of all, her pointy ears indicate that she is an elf. During her recall animation, she turns into a butterfly before going back to the fountain. Her Q is hard for enemies to spot giving you a tiny advantage. In contrast to that, her E is very bright and the most detailed when compared to her other skins.

She doesn’t have a wow factor, but she’s not supposed to have one. Janna is a calm champion of immense power and this skin captures it beautifully. As is the case with the majority of the new skins there are several chromas available for it. But if you are a fan of the base skin you can get it for 1350 RP.