Best Gangplank Skin – Ranked from Worst to Best

The most feared pirate in Bilgewater is as ruthless as they come. With his pistol and cutlass, he cuts down his enemies by a size. The ex. Reaver King is usually played in the top lane and is regarded as one of the hardest League of Legends champions to play.

Even though Gangplank is one of the first 40 champions that were introduced in League, he didn’t always look like this. In season 5 he received a complete rework which also included updating his skins. There are currently over a dozen available skins just waiting for you to try them. Gangplank’s abilities aren’t exactly made for cool animations, so our main focus is going to be on his appearance. 

10. Minuteman Gangplank

Minuteman Gangplank

With a blue jacket and a hat, Gangplank is a part of the militiamen. The skin is based on the real volunteers of the American revolution who were ready for service at the minute’s notice.

But history is the only value in this skin. After all, it costs 520 RP and we can’t expect such skins to have flashy animations and whatnot.  

9. Sailor Gangplank

Sailor Gangplank

If you didn’t know that Gangplank loves the sea, this skin puts an end to it. He wears a traditional sailor outfit that consists of blue bottoms and a white shirt. He even has a white sailor hat to accompany it. 

Much like the previous skin, it lacks heavily when it comes to in-game appearance. Sailor Gangplank costs 750 RP.

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8. Captain Gangplank

Captain Gangplank

After GP received his rework in Season 5, players were able to obtain Captain Gangplank for free. Although it’s still in the store today, rarely who chooses to go for this skin. And truth be told, no one can blame them.

This skin is just an improved base design with a new voice. One could even argue that this is how Gangplank should usually look anyway. But one thing is for certain, there are much better skins for the price of 975 RP.

7. Sultan Gangplank

Sultan Gangplank

There are certainly going to be people who will argue that Sultan GP is worse skin than a Captain one. And I partially agree with them. Sultan Gangplank feels like a cheap knockoff of a pirate theme.

On the other hand, it received updates to its animations and sound effects. For example, his barrels are replaced with jars.

6. Spooky Gangplank – Best Budget Skin

Spooky Gangplank

If you are short on RP then this skin is for you. Spooky Gangplank costs 520 RP and looks amazing. He’s a ghost and as such he’s almost transparent. The whole skin is light blue which includes his kegs. 

You are not getting new animations but that’s not what this skin is about anyways. Every Gangplank newcomer should give it a try. After all, it’s one of the cheapest skins in the game.

5. Toy Soldier Gangplank – Most Unique Skin

Toy Soldier Gangplank

If you get lucky and manage to land this skin in the loot do not disenchant under any circumstance! If you do, you will miss out on playing like a toy! The meanest pirate League of Legends universe has seen is a wind-up toy. 

Here’s the catch though. It shares the same animations and sound effects as a base skin. But what makes it great is a smaller model compared to the other skins. Enemies will have a harder time hitting spells on you and thus giving you a slight edge.

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4. Special Forces Gangplank

Special Forces Gangplank

If you are into spectacular animations then the list starts from now for you. The remaining top 4 skins are all modern and each is better than the other. 

Special Forces Gangplank is the cheapest one of them at 975 RP and has several new animations. The first of them is his recall. He stands in the classical soldier At Attention pose with his hands behind the back. 

Furthermore, his kegs are connected by a laser indicating that they will blow each other. During his ultimate Cannon Barrage, a shadow of a helicopter can be seen. 

3. FPX Gangplank

FPX Gangplank

If you are a fan of Worlds skins you will want to have this one. After winning the 2020 World’s Championship, GimGoon chose Gangplank to represent him. 

He wears a futuristic-looking jacket and a helmet in red, yellow, and black colors. The kegs have an X on them and it can also be briefly seen at the start of his ultimate. 

Lastly, during the recall players can see FPX’s logo and GimGoon’s signature. 

2. Dreadnova Gangplank

Dreadnova Gangplank

We briefly touched on the cyber version of pirates with the FPX skin, and Dreadnova just takes it to another level. In a time far away from GP is a leader of the massive interplanetary criminal network. 

In the splash art, everything is exploding around him, but that doesn’t mean this fierce fighter will lose his cool.

One of his eyes is replaced by a gadget to improve his fighting abilities. His suit resembles an astronaut suit. Additionally, instead of kegs, he uses space mines. 

Dreadnova Gangplank costs 1350 RP and should be your go-to skin if you are looking for a more serious version.

1. Pool Party Gangplank – Best Overall Skin

Pool Party Gangplank

Another Pool Party skin tops one of our lists. Gangplank shares the splash art with Caitlyn and Zoe. In it, he’s grilling a steak with a plate of oranges next to him. 

Let’s start with his appearance first. He wears black sunglasses, a blue shirt, and red shorts. In addition to that, he wears a sunflower necklace. His sword is replaced by a spatula and his mean-looking gun by a water pistol instead.

During his recall animation, he prepares a steak for himself and a friendly crab before swiftly returning to the base. His Q, Parley is replaced by water which splashes upon hitting an enemy. Lastly, his kegs are now watermelons. And the sound effect that follows their explosion is amazing!

It’s not hard to see why Pool Party Gangplank is the best GP skin. It’s not too expensive either, costing just 1350 RP.