Best Diana Skin

Even though she is fueled with the power of Silver Moon, Diana was not one of the popular champions for many years. It wasn’t until Season 11 that we often started seeing her. Although after her release she was supposed to be a mid laner, her mini rework made her an extremely strong jungler.

Many players fell in love with her gameplay but found her classic skin too boring. There are several options to replace it with. One great thing about Diana’s skins is that they have all been released relatively recently. Most of them come with new and cool animations. To save you the hustle of checking them out yourselves, we reviewed each one of them and ranked them from worst to best. Continue reading and find out what is best Diana skin.

8. Dark Valkyrie Diana

Dark Valkyrie Diana

We start our list with Diana’s oldest skin. On her release, she was accompanied by Dark Valkyrie version. It’s safe to say it’s her worst skin by far. Although it comes with new sound effects for her spells, she is presented blandly. The skin is dominated by the purple color. Several others use the same color so not even that makes her unique. On top of that, she has an empty look in her eyes.

7. Lunar Goddess Diana – Best Budget Skin

Lunar Goddess Diana – Best Budget Skin

Lunar Goddess is based on Lunar New Year. It is the beginning of a new year for a calendar that uses moon cycles as months. It’s only fair that the champion who uses the power of the Moon to fight has such skin. Both in splash art, as well as in-game, Diana looks glamorous. She wears a simple, but elegant outfit. Furthermore, she has new animations and sound effects. For example, when using her spells, petals are surrounding it. For the price of 975 RP, it is the best Diana budget skin in the game.

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6. Infernal Diana – Most Unique

Infernal Diana

Infernal Diana is the complete opposite of her general theme. It’s weird to see her armor in yellow and orange colors. Especially when she is burning and traces of burnt ashes can be seen in her abilities. Does she fight for the Moon or the Sun? On the other hand, she looks amazing in the splash art. The look in her eyes strikes fear in anyone. This skin is definitely unique. Even though it might not suit everyone, it puts an interesting twist on her character.

5. Blood Moon Diana

Blood Moon Diana

Chosen by Blood Moon themselves, Diana fights for what she believes is right. Her body armor is primarily red, making it more exciting than on any other skin. Granted she looks peaceful in her splash art, there is a certain amount of anger in her look. Sadly, that’s not visible in the game due to the fact that the mask is covering her face. This skin costs 1350 RP. It comes with new animations, of which the most notable is a brief flash of Blood Moon symbol during her dash to an enemy.

4. Dark Waters Diana

Dark Waters Diana

Placed in Bilgewater, Diana is an assassin for the Order of the Mother Serpent. As such, she’s dressed as close to the pirate way as you’ll find her. She wears a hat and two-piece armor. In the splash art, a lot of focus is put on her glowing necklace, perhaps indicating that she’s being controlled. For the price of 1350 RP, you will get updated animation, sound effects, and also a voice filter. This is the only skin that has an updated voice. Her animations follow the theme of water. Drops of water or even splashes can be seen while using her spells.

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3. Dragonslayer Diana

Dragonslayer Diana

We’re reaching the end of the best Diana skin list and so far, the skins didn’t disappoint. Next in line is Dragonslayer Diana. As the name suggests, Diana’s job is slaying dragons. This can be seen throughout the whole skin. When using her abilities, notably Q, the dragon can be seen above enemies it strikes. Furthermore, on her W, orbs are shaped like a dragon’s eye. During her recall animation, she slays a dragon before returning to the fountain. As you can see in her appearance, it’s very similar to Infernal. Riot didn’t go to such lengths of using bright colors though so it’s much more natural to her usual Lore.

2. Battle Queen Diana

Battle Queen Diana

When looking at the splash art, I was expecting a lot from this skin. Sadly, there’s a lot left to be wanted when it comes to in-game performance. Nevertheless, Riot focused on her blade much more than on other skins and it shows. Due to that fact alone, this skin is ranked number 2. She wears old-school armor with long boots and a cape. Also, there are new animations to her abilities. They’re quite distinctive which makes them feel pushed. When compared to skins like Lunar Goddess or Dark Waters whose effects felt natural, it certainly underperformed.

1. Sentinel Diana – Best Overall

Sentinel Diana

The best Diana skin in LoL is Sentinel Diana. It goes back to Diana’s roots of simplicity. Her bodysuit is black and white, while her hair is of golden color. The best part of the skin is its animations. When her passive is ready, she glows yellow making her look powerful.  Upon hitting an enemy with her Q she marks a golden square. Alongside that, during her W she has a golden bubble around her. But perhaps the best animation is the one on her ultimate. Depending on how many players she hits her sign changes.


When looking at these rankings as a whole, it seems that Diana has plenty of good skins. It’s not a case where one of them is head and shoulders above the rest. But, many of them can be used depending on how much you like them. For us, Sentinel Diana is the best overall. On top of that, she’s also cheap. It costs only 1350 RP.