Best Camille Skin – Ranked From The Worst To The Best

Camille is a real menace of the top lane. She has the ability to solo carry games through her split pushing and extraordinary scaling. That’s one of the reasons she has a love and hate relationship with the League community. 

This extraordinary top laner has been popular ever since the release. Unfortunately, Riot didn’t put in the effort and release many cosmetics for her. Even though you can choose from a limited number of skins, we ranked all of Camille’s skins.

Camille is a ferocious, but elegant and elite agent who makes sure that Piltover and Zaunite run uninterrupted. She absolutely hates sloppiness and finds it an embarrassment.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the best Camille skins in League of Legends.

4. Program Camille

Program Camille

Program Camille is a fully weaponized robotic assassin. She makes sure that no human uses unauthorized technology. This skin comes with several new features such as additional quotes and a voice filter.

I’m not a big fan of her splash art. It’s complicated, and frankly, it’s hard to spot her details. Her in-game appearance is exactly as what you would imagine out of an augmented person. She is covered in high-tech from head to blades. 

During the recall, robots remove her legs before they are re-attached once she enters the fountain. Her other spells aren’t as detailed. Although, their sound effects certainly stand out.

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3. iG Camille

iG Camille

Invictus Gaming won the 2018 League of Legends World Championship after a hasty final against Fnatic. As victors of the most prestigious LoL tournament, Riot made several new skins in their name. Tournament’s MVP Gao “Ning” Zhenning chose Camille as his desired champion.

She has short blonde hair and silver armor. Upon entering her recall animation, Camille grows black wings and carries the World’s trophy. Ning’s signature can also be seen under the champion. 

Her auto attacks leave a trail of feathers for a moment around the target. When she uses the spell Hookshot she again grows wings while moving. Lastly, iG’s logo can be seen inside her ultimate ability. 

iG Camille costs 1350 RP and is sometimes available in the store. I always recommend it to eSports lovers since it’s a part of League of Legends history.

2. Coven Camille

Coven Camille

Unique in its own right, Coven Camille oozes with mystery. Controlled by ancient masters, she cuts down the fruits of the new world. Splash art has her placed in a dark, forgotten environment. She wears old-school clothes like a corset with many little details. I guess her masters aren’t fans of the new advanced world.

Alongside new animations and sound effects, she also has a voice filter and several chromas. She makes a hole from which crows come out and take control of Camille during the recall animation. When striking an enemy with her Q, Precision Protocol, she leaves a purple mark in the air. 

This is the skin for people that are a fan of her elegance and mystery. It costs 1350 RP.

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1. Arcana Camille

Arcana Camille

With several monotone skins on our lists, Arcana Camille is a welcome change. It’s also why I find her to be the best Camille skin at the moment. 

Living at the edge of High Arcana, she remains a mystery to ordinary folk. They find her patterns confusing and ridiculous, but Camille’s strength and intellect are no match for mere mortals. 

She wears a red dress and some sort of crown. This skin is based on red and gold colors which are present throughout the whole skin. Starting with her passive, she gets either a blue, or gold transparent shield depending on the opponent she hits. Regardless of which one it is, they’re both almost transparent which is extremely appealing. If she has her Q activated and strikes an enemy, a card appears on them. 

Camille’s Tactical Sweep is very hard to see. That will definitely come as an advantage in the game. My favorite part of the skin is her recall animation. She freezes in the air with a frame around her making her look like a card.

Arcana Camille costs 1350 RP.


There are only a few skins to choose from and they’re all quite similar. I enjoy Arcana Camille the most due to its uniqueness. But if you are a fan of Camille’s origin story and her base skin, I’d recommend you to get Coven Camille.