Best Brand Skin

Brand has been released over 10 years ago but never found his place in the League of Legends universe. Players tried playing him in the mid lane, support, and even in the jungle. Instead, a relatively small group of people commits to him due to his unique theme. So, it’s not surprising there aren’t many skins for him, and especially the good ones.

He’s a champion that uses fire to shut down his enemies. Brand is most played in the support role as a mage and he’s one of the RATIRL’s signature picks. Without further ado, here is the list of best Brand skins.

8. Apocalyptic Brand

Apocalyptic Brand

Brand’s oldest skin is also his worst skin. The sole survivor of Runeterra’s apocalypse is not very different from the base skin itself. The only difference is in his outfit. He wears a gas mask and some sort of armor. The splash art is pretty bad. Brand isn’t in the center of attention but instead, it focuses on the wasteland around him. Even though it costs only 750 RP you should stay away from this skin as far away as possible.

7. Vandal Brand – Best Budget Skin

Vandal Brand

Similar to Apocalyptic skin, Vandal Brand has no new animations or sound effects. Instead, you get to look like Ghost Rider in Brand’s personal biker outfit. Awesome.. Truthfully the skin is terrible and no one should be spending their precious RP on it. Yes, it costs merely 520 RP but still, you can pick up something better for that price from Skin sales or My Shop.

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6. Cryocore Brand

Cryocore Brand

And the last of what I call the forbidden trio, Cryocore Brand. It takes a step further and changes Brand’s color into an awful light blue color. The spells’ color changes from orange to blue and that’s about all this skin can offer. On top of that, it costs 975 RP. A tad overpriced maybe Riot? The splash art is as terrible as they come. Brand is barely visible and entirely forgotten in the background. On a positive note, the skin would be okay if it cost 390 RP. But that’s as high as I would go for this.

5. Spirit Fire Brand

Spirit Fire Brand

Finally, we’re coming to some real skins. Spirit Fire Brand was a welcome change to the boring and ugly Brand skins. It gives him new animations and sound effects. But most importantly, he looks scary.

During the recall animation, he’s pulled back into the ground by the demons before reappearing in the fountain. While he looks blue in the splash art, it’s actually a mix of different colors and his spells actually look purplish. Due to the same colors appearing in the background, it’s rather hard to spot him.

4. Battle Boss Brand

Battle Boss Brand

Next on the best Brand skin list is the Battle Boss. It’s his first skin that Riot absolutely nailed the splash art. His insanity is visible instantly. In-game, his pink suit of armor makes him look like a toy. But a deadly one!

His abilities are similar to the Arcade skin line. They are clear without too many things jumping out on the screen. After he’s done dealing with his enemies he goes back to the fountain by jumping into the ground. It costs 1350 but also comes with new sound effects and a voice filter.

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3. Arclight Brand – Editor’s Pick

Arclight Brand

The last several skins on our list had Brand in the blue color, well it’s time to change that by going back to the roots. In the splash art, we can see Brand ascending. As per the lore, he was a man named Kegan Rodhe that was selected by Vel’Koz to be the first Arclight. While he did get divine powers, he is still filled with rage ready to take on the world.

The skin costs 1350 RP and has several features. Firstly, it has a voice filter and updated sound effects. If you are not a fan of his current outfit or you simply grow bored of it, you can quickly purchase one of the numerous chromas. The color of his abilities and himself is more yellowish than orange. He’s filled with light after all. There’s nothing new in terms of animations. They’re still very similar to the other skins with the only change being the color. One difference that we can spot is that he ascends into the air instead of going back into the ground during the recall animation.

2. Eternal Dragon Brand

Eternal Dragon Brand

The second best Brand skin on our list is Eternal Dragon. It is his latest skin that makes him appear eviler than ever before. It all starts with the splash art. He looks like a villain which is proven by Riot themselves. In the description of the skin, it says he spreads death and decay across the land. Quite scary if you ask me.

He is purple just like his animations are. During his W you can briefly see a dragon appear coming out of the ground. On the other hand, his usual R is replaced with the dragon himself. He fires it at the enemies to devour them. It has the most distinctive animations so If you are a fan of such things this skin is for you.

1. Zombie Brand – Best Overall Skin

Rare Brand Skin

Last but not least, we reach the best Brand skin. It is Zombie Brand. But first, we need to start with some bad things. It has been released in 2012, which was a while back is not the most modern skin. Secondly, it costs 1820 RP and is available in the shop only sometimes. And lastly, his splash art is very subpar, surely the skin’s biggest blunder.

Now, here’s what makes this skin great. First of all, he’s a zombie that controls fire. I mean, how cool is that? While walking his steps remain on the ground for a short period. His spells are hard to spot giving you an advantage over your enemies. His Q and his passive are especially hard to see. In addition to that, a new voice actor gives life to the skin. Some other skins have a different voice filter, as it just changes the voice slightly.

Lastly, it has some of the best taunt and dance animations of any skin in the game. If you manage to find it available in the shop don’t waste time before grabbing it. It’s one of the most unique skins and worth every penny.