Top 5 Hyper Carry Champions in League of Legends

There are hundreds of different champions in League of Legends. And, each of them have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are stronger in the landing phase, some are really good team fighters and others are late-game monsters. To win more games in Ranked you want to make sure that strong late game. There are several champions head and shoulders above the rest and we will cover them in this article.

Why are hyper carries important?

When we use the term hyper carry we refer to a champion that is capable of dealing enough damage to win the game on their own. As such, they require a lot of attention, both from their, as well as from the enemy team. One of the complaints that people usually have about them is their week early game. But, if they had a stronger early game, they would be too strong and bound to be nerfed.

We don’t often see them in pro play due to the fact they need a lot of time to scale up. On the other hand, soloq games are much more chaotic and late-game champions thrive in it. They can help you make your gameplay more consistent and reach high MMR much easier. Without further ado, here are the top five hyper carry champions in LoL.

  1. Karthus

We’re starting our list with the champion that has no defined role in the game. Karthus can be played in the bot lane, as well as on mid and in the jungle. He is known to have an extremely weak laning phase. But at level six he unlocks his ultimate ability Requiem (R) which allows him to execute any low hp targets.
In the late-game team fights even if you kill him, he is still able to do damage due to his passive. Combined with no available counter play to his R, he’s a true terror to play against.

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  1. Twitch

Most of the Ad carries are much stronger than other champions. But there is still a huge discrepancy between them. The first of them is Twitch. No matter if you play him ad or ap, you’re most likely going to be the strongest champion in the game at some point.4

To give him some extra power, you should always be combined with either Yuumi or Lulu. The extra range on his R gives him the ability to outrange anyone.

  1. Kayle

best hyper carries in league

Kayle is the only top laner I believe deserves to be on this list. Jax and Nasus are widely believed to be late-game champions. But I don’t agree. They both have obvious weaknesses. They are short-ranged and easily countered by Crowd Control.

Kayle doesn’t have this issue. After level 6 she becomes a ranged champion and at level 11 her auto attacks start dealing aoe damage. Depending on the team comp you are playing in, you can opt for either ad or Ap build. The only weakness that she has is an extremely terrible learning phase until level 6.

If the enemy team tries to shut her down and she receives no help they can easily do so. Try not to take any risks and call your jungler if you think that enemy wants to dive you.

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  1. Kog Maw

A champion that has been terrorizing solo queue since season 3 is our number two top hyper carry champion in League of Legends. Opposite to popular belief, his learning phase is not that bad. Most of the time he outranges the enemy. But the fact that he has no escape tools make him appear weak.

In the hands of a good player, he is often going to win his lane. This is why I give him an edge over Twitch. The best support you can play with him is Lulu.

If you’re facing Kog Maw, pick champions that can dive him. Otherwise, you are not in for a fun time. He needs only one item to be stronger than anyone else.

  1. Kassadin

Hyper Carry Kassadin

At last, what might not come as a surprise, the best hyper-carry champion in League of Legends is Kassadin. He’s played on mid, which gives him an ability to roam to other lanes and get fed easier. Personally, I get stressed whenever I see a Kassadin on the enemy team. No matter what you do, once he hits level 16 the game is his to lose.

On top of that, Kassadin is usually played by boosters and smurfs. His late game prowess and their mechanical advantage over others almost always result in a victory. If you have a Kassadin on your team never lose hope. He just needs to hit that magical number 16 and the game is practically won. On the other hand, you can be like me, and ban him every game. This way my games are much less stressful.


Hyper carries are extremely strong once they reach their power spike. So, whenever you play them or have one on your team, don’t give up. They need only one mistake from the enemy and they can take over the game. I hope this has been helpful to you and good luck in your games.