Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Hotkeys

Over the past year auto-chess games have seen a surge in popularity. The first one to bring public’s attention to such genre was Dota 2’s custom auto-chess mode. Not long after, Riot Games released their second game in 10 years which would become to be known as TeamFight Tactics. While mechanically speaking, it is much less challenging than League of Legends, TFT has some cool ways that you can get advantage over your opponents. To help you do so, we broke down all of the current TFT hotkeys.

Why are hotkeys important?

While it is true you can perform all of the actions on the tft board using your mouse, using hotkeys could give you an edge over your opponents. Who’d say no to the free LP? Certainly not us! They will help you fast-roll faster, scout-faster and level up faster thus leaving you with more time to think and perfect your team.

TFT Mouse Controls

Hovering your mouse over a champion in the shop menu will give you information about their ability. Furthermore, you can hover over a trait which will show you its explanation as well as which champions are a part of that class.


  • The most used key in the whole game which is also responsible for most of the actions that you will perform. It is used for variety of reasons, such as purchasing champions, confirming menus, scouting and much more.
  • By pressing left-click on your champion you are able to reposition it on the board, as well as move it to, and from your bench.
  • You can scout other players by clicking on their board on the mini-map, or by clicking on their portrait from the right-hand menu.


  • It is used for moving your hero around the board
  • By pressing right click on a champion you are able to see more information about them. If you require further details you can hover over the stats to see them explained
  • It shows you item combinations available for the selected component

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TFT Keyboard Controls

W – Deploy to Battlefield/Return to Bench. Especially useful when you need to build your comps in a rush.

E – Sell a Champion. We use this hotkey the most when clearing the bench, or we’re in a rush to generate enough gold in order to gain interest

D – Refresh Store. A must have for every high-roll comp. It helps out with those crucial rounds where you must roll all of your gold, but there is not enough time

F – Buy Experience

1 / Q – Scout next player (Clockwise)

3 / R – Scout next player (Anti-Clockwise)

Whether you prefer a clockwise, or anti-clockwise way of scouting, it is one of the most important things when it comes to climbing in TFT. By doing so you are able to gather information about enemies, perhaps 3 people are looking to build a specific composition. By knowing that you can stay away from going for the same specific champions, or even build a comp against them that would guarantee you Top 4.

2 / Space – Center the camera on your Little Legend whenever you get lost on the map

TFT Hotkeys

How much Gold will I earn in TFT?

Gold income in TFT is based on three factors; Passive income, Win/Loss streak Bonus and Interest. Passive income is exactly what it says, while win/loss streak increases depending on the number of losses, or wins you have in a row. On the other hand, interest is paid depending on how much gold do you have in the bank. You can find out more about your earning sources, and how much will you earn at the end of the round by hovering over the gold icon in the shop.

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TFT Hotkeys should be a part of every serious player’s arsenal. They could mean a difference between winning games, and losing them. While they might seem a bit off-setting at the start, you are bound to get used to them over time and gain advantage over your opponents.