League of Legends Self Mitigated Damage Explained

After a hard-fought game, you finally managed to destroy the enemy nexus and earn some LP. Afterward, you are presented with a post-game lobby that involves a bunch of different statistics. If you ever went through them you surely noticed Self Mitigated damage graph. Many things have to be considered when calculating it, so we explained it and everything that affects it.

What is Self Mitigated Damage

Self Mitigated Damage statistic represents the amount of damage that your character reduced or blocked throughout the game. It includes any form of damage reduction, including magic resistance and armor, as well as items and abilities.

Furthermore, ally items (such as Locket) and abilities (Janna shield for example) also count towards self mitigated damage. In a nutshell, is all of the damage that you should receive but don’t because of outside factors.

Naturally, tanks and bruisers are going to have more self mitigated damage at the end of the game compared to an adc. While it’s a really cool statistic, it can’t help you a lot when it comes to understanding the game. If it is relatively low perhaps you built wrong defensive stats or didn’t play front line for your team enough.

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What contributes to it

As we have already mentioned, all forms of damage reductions on your champion are counted towards self mitigated damage. Whether it’s an ally, or your own shield doesn’t matter. Here is a list of some of the most common spells and items that count towards this stat.

  • Ally shields, for example, Janna’s Eye of the Storm (E), Lulu’s Help, Pix! (E), Senna’s Dawning Shadow (R)
  • Self Shields, such as Tahm Kench’s Thick Skin (E), Yasuo’s passive Way of the Wanderer, or Nautilus Titan’s Wrath (W)
  • Bloodthirster
  • Sterak’s Gage
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • All items containing Armor stat
  • All items containing Magic Resistance stat
  • Eclipse
  • Immortal Shieldbow
  • Maw of Malmortius
  • Hexdrinker
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate
  • Following runes, Overheal, Aery (when ally uses a spell on you), Guardian
  • Mountain Soul
  • Barrier

Items that cause Self Mitigated Damage

Here’s an example of how self mitigated damage is calculated. Let’s say you are playing Ashe and an ally Janna shields you for 200. If enemy Yasuo hits you for 300 damage he will effectively deal only 100 damage. The other 200 were blocked by Janna’s shield.

This 200 damage that was absorbed by the shield is counted as self mitigated. As you can see there are many such instances so numbers can quickly add up.

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How to have more Self Mitigated Damage?

Your self mitigated damage is going to fluctuate a lot from game to game. The biggest factors to this are varying game lengths and different champions involved. For example, in one game you could have a team that consists of Lulu, Karma, and Janna all shielding you, and then have Blitzcrank as your support next game.

To keep it constantly high you’d have to play champions with self-shielding ability, such as Nautilus or Tahm Kench. Grabbing yourself a duo partner can cause no harm either.

Is it important?

Unlike Damage Dealt to Champions and Vision score, self mitigated damage is much less important. Most of the time it could be described as useless. Nonetheless, it’s extremely cool knowing how much damage you denied from the enemy team. It’s not correlated to a player’s rank and trying to lower or increase it won’t help you increase your MMR. Our best tip is to keep playing like you always do and check statistics just for the fun of it.

Self Mitigated damage in TFT

Just like its sister game LoL, the same rules apply to Teamfight Tactics as well. Alongside champions basic armor and magic resistances, traits from classes and origins also count towards the statistic. Furthermore, all shields regardless of whether they are from an ally card or an item such as a Locket are included.


The majority of statistics in League of Legends are not very important, and we’ll have to put self mitigated damage in that category too. While it’s fun to look at here and there, it has no use besides that. Don’t focus on it too much and rather focus on winning instead!