League of Legends Change Language And Voiceover

In the past, it was easy to change your League of Legends language. But with the introduction of the new client in 2016 Riot made it impossible to use all languages on every server. Thus, EUW was limited to languages such as English and French among the others. Furthermore, last year Riot Games made it impossible to change languages in the client whatsoever.

Why would you want to change the Language?

While English language is one of the most spoken and universal languages in the world, Riot Games supports many other local languages as well. In their latest move regarding language changing in League, Riot Games made the players unable to change the language from the Client like they used to in the past. Such a change meant that players in the Brazil (BR) region are forced to use Portuguese language and voiceover. As of right now there is no easy way to change the game’s language to your desired one, but we found a solution that works even in 2021.

Moreover, one of the biggest servers in the world, EUW, is a host to players from many different countries. Players even play from Russia and Turkey who have their own servers. In the current system they are unable to use their native language in the client even though it exists. Our guide to lol language change will show you how you can bypass that and use any language that you want in your League client.

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Use the drop Menu in League Client to Change the Language

While it came with its limitations such as being unable to select any of the game’s languages, the drop menu came in handy plenty of times. Unfortunately, such feature is not available in the game anymore and players have to change the game’s language manually.

How to change LoL Language and Voiceover

While Riot made it impossible to change League of Legends language straight from the client, there is a way you can do it. We have found two ways you can do it. Here are the 2 methods that will help you change your lol language and voiceover:

Method 1. Using the League Client Shortcut

(Tested on 01/03/2021: Method still works)

  1. Log in to your account
  2. From the Exit button – Press Sign Out
  3. Now exit the Client on the X button
  4. Locate your League of Legends folder. The most common location is “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends” but if you have used custom installation your LoL could be located at a different place.
  5. Right Click on the LeagueClient.exe and click “Create Shortcut”
  6. Right Click on  the newly created LeagueClient shortcut and press “Properties”
  7. Add -–locale=[LANGUAGE] in the target section like we did in the picture below.  Make sure to replace [LANGUAGE] with the language you want to use in your League Client.League of Legends change language
  8. You can move the shortcut to your desktop. You will be opening your League client over it from now on

Here is a list of all the languages we know LoL currently supports:

Language Tag
English en_US
Português pt_BR
Türkçe tr_TR
English en_GB
Deutsch de_DE
Español es_ES
Français fr_FR
Italiano it_IT
Čeština cs_CZ
Ελληνικά el_GR
Magyar hu_HU
Polski pl_PL
Română ro_RO
Русский ru_RU
Español es_MX
English en_AU
日本語 ja_JP

Method 2. Using Notepad

  1. Like in the previous method, locate your LoL installation folder.
  2. Open the Folder “Config”
  3. Press right click on the file “LeagueClientSettings.yaml” and press Open
  4. Locate the line: “locale:”. Mine looks like this by default:League of Legends change voiceover
  5. Change the language to your desired one using our table.

After you have successfully changed your League of Legends language, on your next start up your client will need to patch. This is due to the fact not all of the languages get installed by default. Moreover, if you decide to change back to the original language your patch time will be much faster.

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Can my language and voiceover be different?

At the moment, it is not possible to achieve such a thing. Language and voiceover are linked to each other, and changing one will automatically change the other. If we find a way to do it, we will update this article accordingly.

Can I get banned for changing my League language?

While Riot has removed an easy way to change your language, changing it manually by editing the config fine is within the rules of the game.

How to Change League of Legends Server

If you have mistakenly registered on the wrong server, or you and your buddies decide to visit another region you can change your lol server from the shop. Navigate to the Shop, and in the Account Tab you will be able to choose your desired server. For a one time fee of 2600 RP your account will be transferred  to your selected region. Be sure that you have selected a correct server since there is no way to undo the process except paying again 2600 RP to go back.

When you transfer to the new server you will have to play 1 ranked game to unlock your rank. It may end up being different from your rank on the previous server depending on your MMR. While 1500 MMR might be Platinum 1 on EUNE, it may be only Platinum 3 on EUW and vice versa. Such information is not publicly available so we cannot give you an estimate of your transferred rank but it should be close to your original one.


There is no easy way to change your league of legends client language and voiceover at the moment. We certainly hope Riot Games will implement back the features that allowed us to change it on the go like before. Until then we will continue using and updating this guide.