How to Appear Offline in League of Legends

We all know that feeling, you just came home from work and want to play few games in peace but your friends want to join. Sometimes we all prefer for a solo gaming session but Riot has not implemented such a feature in the League Client just yet. Luckily, we managed to find a workaround. Keep reading till the end and find out how to appear offline in League of Legends (LoL).

Away Status in League

League Client allows you to switch your out of the game status between “Online”, and “Away”. While Away feature comes with many benefits, such as letting your friends know that you are not there, it does not really hustle our main problem here. You can trigger away status on two ways:

  1. Click on the Status circle like seen below:

You would want to change your status manually because you can continue browsing through the League Client. There is no need to wait with any activities that you were doing before some annoying friend messaged you. You can continue scrolling shop, checking out your loot and much more. League Client will not change your status back to “Online” until you do so manually.

  1. If League of Legends thinks you are away from your PC, it will automatically change your status to away after some time.

If you make any movements in League Client afterwards it will automatically change your status back to Online. This is why we advise using Manual method as presented in first step to avoid any uncomfortable encounters.

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Who wants to Appear Offline in League?

Pretty much everyone that wants some quiet time to enjoy their League gaming session would love to see the option to appear offline in League. But that is not the only reason for it. Many streamers and high elo (MMR) players use such option to avoid sniping. When they do not appear offline, they’re potential targets for target bans if they are otps (one trick ponies), or even for trolls.

Can I get banned for using Offline Mode in League?

Plain and simple, no. Riot has not made any indications that using our technique to appear offline is breaking any League of Legends rules. In fact, I have personally been using it for years with no issues whatsoever.

Appearing Offline in League

I certainly hope Riot will soon implement appear offline feature to League of Legends soon due to its demand. Until then, we have a way to do on your own. This is a completely safe method. What it does is basically not allow your League client to connect to the Chat servers. Just follow our steps below:


1. Press Windows key and type in CMD

Appear offline in league

2. Right Click on “Command Prompt” and press “Run as Administrator” or enter as seen on the image above

3. While you are in CMD, copy the text below depending on your server like seen on the image:

Disable chat on any server:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="lolchat" dir=out remoteport=5223 protocol=TCP action=block

Appear Offline on NA:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="lolchat" dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block

Appear Offline on EUW:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="lolchat" dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block

For Specific Server:
Just input the IP address in the following command at the place of “CHANGE” depending on your server:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="lolchat" dir=out remoteip=CHANGE protocol=TCP action=block

Server IP

How do I know I am using Offline mode?

If you followed our guide, upon logging in to your League of Legends account your client’s friend list should look like this:

Appear Offline LoL

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How to appear back online?

When you decide you do not want to use Offline mode anymore, you can easily turn it off by following these steps:

  1. Open CMD like we did when we first wanted to Appear Offline
  2. Copy paste the following code:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat”

Apeear Online LoL

Will Offline mode lower my ping?

Unfortunately, no. Offline mode is not connected with your ping in the game. It simply does not connect you to League of Legends chat services so your friends will not be able to see that you are currently online or playing.

Can my Friends still see that I’m playing?

Your friends will not be able to see that you are online on the client, or that you are playing. Although, your games will still keep appearing in the match history, and they can see if you are in game using 3rd party websites such as

Will my teammates see that I’m using offline mode?

While you will be able to use in game chat just like before, you will not be able to communicate with your team during the champion select. This is due to the fact you are not getting connected to League of Legends chat. They will not be able to see that you are using offline mode. Only you will know that!


While League of Legends players desperately want Appear Offline to be introduced to the game, Riot stands firm against it. Players speculate that Riot wants them to play mostly with friends, and that if you are more prone to leaving their game if you are a solo player. Until their attitude towards such proposition’s changes, you can use our method explained above to appear offline.