How To Get Blue Essence | Everything About Blue Essence in LoL

To unlock new things in League of Legends you have to pay using one of the two currencies game’s currencies. Those are Riot Points and Blue Essence. While Riot Points or shorter RP is a premium currency that can be obtained only by buying it, there are different ways to get Blue Essence. We will look more into Blue Essence and how to get it.

What is Blue Essence?

League of Legends is a free-to-play game but it has many purchasable in-game items such as skins, champions, and emotes. Most of these things are available for purchase only with RP which leaves Blue Essence, who we will be calling BE from now on, as a basic currency. Being one, it has also limited use. It has been introduced to the game with the arrival of a new League client at the start of Season 6. It replaced its predecessor Influence Points (IP) and completely changed the way of obtaining the League’s most basic currency.

Back in the old days of League, Influence Points were used for unlocking new champions. Players would earn a certain amount of IP after every game, unlike now, where games only grant Experience points. The massive overhaul that happened in Season 6 is still frustrating to some, while others don’t even remember the old system.

While both currencies have their flaws, Riot has constantly kept on improving ways to unlock new champions and reduce the amount of Blue Essence needed. A more modern problem that many players are currently experiencing is over stocking of BE. With so few ways to use it, most of the players are waiting for Essence Emporium to spend it.

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How To Get Blue Essence?

Unlike its predecessor IP, Blue Essence is not earned after each game. The only exception to this is the first win of the day which rewards players with 50 BE. Instead, players receive loot with champion shards upon every level up. In order to obtain your newly earned BE, you have to navigate to Loot and open your level-up capsule. After that you are presented with a few options, you can rent the champion for a week, disenchant it for some BE, or unlock it permanently by paying a reduced amount of BE.

Disenchant LoL

Another way to obtain BE is by opening chests. In League, chests have a variety of different drops with different chances of getting them, and champions are one of the easiest rewards to get. You can get chests by playing and getting an S rank, or by purchasing them from the store. This is not the most consistent way of getting BE, since there are many other things that you can get from chests as well. Recently Riot started rewarding players for completing missions by rewarding them some BE.

On the other hand, honor capsules and honor orbs that you earn for leveling up your honor level will always contain a champion shard in them. So make sure to stay honorable and lead your team to victories! The principle of getting BE from them is the same as with the chests. Just disenchant the champion if you don’t want it, or buy it for a reduced price.

With the rise of Events, there are different ways you can obtain some additional BE. By completing missions during a specific event, you will earn tokens which you can exchange for items in the Loot tab. If you are in a dire need of BE you can exchange them for Champion shards. Also, if you have only a few tokens left and you are unable to unlock anything else, you can exchange them for some Blue Essence so they do not expire.

As the main way of acquiring BE is by leveling up, you can speed up that process by buying exp boosts. They are relatively pricey though, so we don’t recommend going this route.

What is Blue Essence Used For?

We can’t compare Blue Essence to Riot Points, because frankly put, they do not belong in the same galaxy. With RP you can unlock hundreds of different skins, icons, emotes, and chromas. On the other hand, there are only few ways to spend your hard-earned BE. The main thing players buy with it is new champions. We hope Riot will introduce new ways to spend it since the current offering is rather underwhelming.

Our second favorite way of spending BE is upgrading our champion mastery on different champions. After each game, you are given a grade depending on your performance, as well as some champion mastery points. Champion mastery points are used to track your progress on the champions you are playing.

There is a maximum of 7 levels that you can reach, with levels 6 and 7 being exclusive to only those players who have truly mastered their champion. After reaching level 5 you will need to earn champion mastery tokens which are rewarded for getting S- and above. To increase your champion mastery to level 6 you will need to pay 2450 BE and 2 tokens, and 2950 BE and 3 tokens (earned by getting S or S) to reach level 7.

level 6 yone

n the past Runes were purchasable only for IP and players had to spend thousands and thousands just to be able to have the same setup as everyone else. It was also mandatory to own several rune pages who are quite pricey themselves. Riot recently changed the way runes work and now they are free and rune pages are not so attractive anymore. Although, if you are struggling with making new runes for each game you could look into purchasing new rune pages. Each new rune page costs 6300 BE and you can have a maximum of 20 of them.

If you have gotten bored of your current summoner name, or you simply don’t like it anymore you can change it over the shop. It costs 13 900 BE and is a one-time transaction. Bare in mind that once you change your summoner name, your old one becomes available to others. Make sure that your decision is final because there is no way to reverse or refund the summoner name change.

lol change name

Occasionally, Riot also releases Essence Emporium where players can buy chromas, icons, wards, and more using Blue Essence. It usually happens in the middle, and at the end of the season so make sure you have enough BE saved so you can unlock everything that you want. On top of that, you will be able to purchase up to 3 gemstones which can be exchanged for exclusive skins.

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How To Get Blue Essence Fast?

Unfortunately, you can’t earn BE after each game like you could with the old IP. There is no easy or fast way to earn BE in a hurry per se. There are ways to speed it up by using experience boosts but it is going to cost you quite a bit.

Getting BE is sadly a grind and you will have to put in many hours to earn it. Furthermore, if you are missing only a few BE to unlock a new champion you are out of luck. You will need to wait until you level up to get the remaining BE.


Blue Essence is the most basic currency in LoL. It is used to unlock new champions and to buy things during Essence Emporium. Make sure to keep track of when the new Essence Emporium will be coming so you can stock up on as much BE as possible to get everything in the shop. Getting BE is a grind so don’t spend it for something you are not going to be happy with.